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Clear your mind in a different environment between meetings.
Chateau Marquette is perfect for combining "business and pleasure". In cooperation with our partners, various activities are possible, both on our estate and in the surrounding area.

Some of the activities are highlighted below. All of them are special experiences that can be used at different times. In addition to these activities, it is also possible to put together a tailor-made activity entirely according to your wishes and objectives.

Building a catapult

With this challenging teambuilding activity you go back in time. The catapult comes from the Middle Ages and served as a weapon. Now it is up to you to build a catapult as good and solid as possible.

When the catapult is finished, each team shoots with a ball. The team that shoots the furthest has won.



With a stand-up comedian, you can be sure of something light between meetings. This stand-up comedian gets inspiration from his experiences as a private driver, courier, real estate landlord and tour manager. He cycled across England looking for open mics.
Since 2017 he has become a Stand-up comedian to share his experiences and reflections with a wider audience. His favourite subjects are: inclusiveness, unity and sustainability.

A cozy atmosphere, a sense of connection, a lot of entertainment and a good dose of self-mockery is guaranteed.


Archery Tag

At an impressive Chateau we also think of archers of course. Archery Tag is a competitive game, in which everyone can participate. It is a mix of dodgeball, archery and paintball. The game can be played painlessly by the special foam-tops on the arrows. The teams are formed by the color of the mask, which also provides good protection.

Action and excitement are guaranteed in this activity, which also involves placing obstacles on the ground. In teams, you will compete for Marquette's victory.

Inner Strength

The Inner Strength workshop is almost impossible to describe in words. The workshop is all about connecting with yourself and with each other. This is done with special exercises, such as running with your eyes closed and breathing connected at the same time. The trainer does this for both individuals and companies, such as Microsoft. He is one of the best in the Netherlands in his profession.

In any case, this activity will make a big impression.


Virtual Reality

With a slanted eye you look at the descending counter on top of the bomb. You only have seconds left, the fate of your team is in your hands. With trembling fingers you grab the white wire with the pliers. Could be the right one. There's no more time,you cut.... Cheers are in your ears. I did it! I did it! You take off your helmet and you're back in Marquette.

Under high voltage you will learn to work together when disassembling a bomb or flying in a spaceship. More relaxed? From a boxing competition to archery where your team has to defend the village. Virtual Reality makes you feel like you're really there. After the victory you look each other happy in the eyes. This is teamwork!


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